Sunday, May 17, 2015

Random Inserts

Hey everyone! So this will be a post about random inserts ranging from weeks on one page, to days on a page and stuff like that!


I've made the DO1P a bigger width as you can see in the picture below, there are white borders within the box, and that's for you to decide if it will go on the left or right in your planner! Just trim the extra white off and you can use them on either side :)
As for the WO1P, I've made two different pages so you can choose which side you want it to go on as well.

Multi-Colored DO1P & Hearts WO1P Inserts

I currently do not have these in A5/Large sized yet... 
BUT you can download the image and go to PRINT SETTINGS and click A5 size to print these in a bigger size! :) 

Happy Planning & Enjoy!


p.s A lot of you ask me if I print double sided and what printer paper I use.
I'm currently using the standard 20lb printer paper & DO NOT double side print.
I know double sided printing can be very tricky so I don't double print & I use the back side to make a Sticky Note Dashboard! :) That way I am able to use sticky notes & it doesn't take up any space on my weekly layouts. 

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